R.O.V. Inspection Services
R.O.V. Inspection Services
INSTALSUB has created a R.O.V. unit operation (Remote Operated Vehicles), guided by professionals of the underwater sector who are speciialised in the scientific and industral fields. Such unit is able to offer a top quality professional service.

Due to the fact that it gives the possibility of integrating different instruments on board, the application possibilities of a R.O.V. are highly varied. Some of the most common are:

• Emisseries inspection, pipelines, ship hulls, wharves, dams, anchorages, fish-farming cages, etc.
• Studies of environmental Impact: Census of Posidonia, trawling nets, emissaries, ghost nets, artificial reefs.
• Rescue and shipwreck inspection missions.
• Scientific studies with sample collection.
• Graphic documentation in general.
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